Are we all here? Exploring embodied virtuality today

Group exhibition

with contributions by Olga Bushkova, Corpos Informáticos, Maëlle Gross, Lauren Huret, Eduardo Kac, Marc Lee, Tammara Leites/Simon Senn, Katrin Niedermeier, Alexandra Pfammatter, Be Van Vark

16.10.2021– 27.11.2021

This website is part of the three-part exhibition: On-site at the OnCurating Project Space, on this website and with an accompanying program. The show is closed now, and the online works have been taken down, but exhibition documentation as well as recordings of the events are available here.

Online works:


Curatorial team: Myriam Boutry, Maria Elena Garzoni, Arianna Guidi, Sofia Gkinko, Tetiana Kartasheva, Ronald Kolb, Anna Konstantinova, Leilani Lynch, Maria Mumtaz, Sarah Oberrauch, Ana Vujic

Curatorial Advisor: Isabel de Sena

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Eduardo Kac

Teleporting an Unknown State (1994/1996)

(On-site installation & online interface)

An early interactive biotelematic work, which was reconceptualized for the exhibition. The installation combines a telematic presence (live-streamed webcams) with the planetary in the form of a plant placed in a dark room that receives light only by means of the screen. 

With the following link, you were able to access the plant and select the city to transmit the light from.


Eduardo Kac – Artist Talk (recording of 13 November)


Marc Lee

Corona TV Bot, 2020–ongoing

The Corona TV Bot thematises and reflects the Coronavirus Pandemic through social media contributions. On hashtags like Coronavirus and COVID-19, the latest Twitter and YouTube news are interwoven into a wild TV show, 24/7 online. Images, tweets and videos flicker across the screen in real time in this net art project. Time-based resources that combine both worldwide professional broadcasts and very private content published by individuals on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.
While, as users of social networks we typically only ever see variants of our own opinions mirrored back to us on social media, TV Bot is intended to confront us with views beyond the bounds of these echo-chambers, due to it universally picking up all searched for hashtag posts on a non-critical basis.

Corona TV Bot – recording from 20 April 2020

Settings, work with Firefox and Safari-Browser.






Olga Bushkova

Photo at 12, 2021

(on-site + online)

Photo at 12 expresses the digital image-based relationship the artist developed with her father. Since 2016, they exchange every day at the same time (12 o’clock Moscow time) an image via WhatsApp. The online work showed a new pair of photos daily – the ones that Olga and her farther are sending each other today.


Lauren Huret, The Creature (Boris Magrini), 2021

(No longer online)

The principle of The Creature is that anybody interested can commission Lauren Huret to make an art video about their online presence. The first work in this series has been commissioned by the Haus Der Elektronischen Kunste museum in Basel, CH, for their program Net Encounters and will be a portrait of the museum's curator Boris Magrini.

If you are interested in commissioning a work about you from this series, please write Lauren Huret at: contact[at]laurenhuret[dot]com.


Maëlle Gross

Speed it up, a motorcycle gaze, 2020

(No longer online)


Speed it up, a motorcycle gaze imagines a motorcycle ride on Californian highways – a virtual gaze that teleports body and mind to another space.


ACOCORÉ/Corpos Informáticos, Online Collective Performance, 2021
T E L E P R E S E N C E 001 002 003 004...
010 011 012 013 019... 020 021
AC OC OR ÉC OR PO 11 20 21 10 00


(Recording of the online performance from 20 November 2021)

In 2021, 20 years later, in middle of a pandemic, in an urge to grasp for a virtual art survival, as the whole world seeks alternative social existences, the group joined and became ACOCORÉ – Arte COleticos Conexões e Redes (Art Collective Connection and Networks). A wake-up call and an opportunity to keep the sensual body pulsing. Independent of the circumstance, the body is still capable of quasi-performance, capable of exchanging afecto, capable of revealing inarticulate resonances. The informatic body is free: it tastes, and it is tasted with all the senses.
Watch the telepresence performance for the OnCurating Project Space, celebrating 20 years of possibilities.


Simon Senn & Tammara Leites, dSimon, 2021–ongoing
AI work & Performative workshop
(Recording of lecture-workshop from the 27 November 2021)

Tammara, a Uruguayan developer based in Geneva, starts using the GPT-3 artificial intelligence engine funded by Microsoft and Elon Musk. Trained to read thousands of pages on the Internet all the time, this AI has become capable of learning and perfecting its own language. But in order to make its writings less expected, Tammara suggests to Simon that the AI read and integrate all of his personal data: his text messages, emails and other documents. Simon agrees. The AI-author becomes dSimon. Tammara creates a website,, where one can commission a text from dSimon by interacting with it. As for Simon, he begins to dialogue with dSimon, discussing various topics of interest to both of them.
But before long, dSimon responds in a very inappropriate way to a female user. What might have prompted this? Its online readings? Or something lurking in Simon's digital data? During the ensuing investigation, Tammara and Simon discover that no expert or specialist can explain how this Artificial Intelligence “reasons”, nor determine who would be responsible for dSimon’s texts, were they to breach the law. Meanwhile, dSimon displays a surprising and perspicuous knowledge of Simon’s thoughts and desires, and even gives him good advice… Tammara and Simon find themselves unsettled, and their relationship is thrown off
dSimon is the account of this ongoing investigation, with the participation of its three protagonists.